Dragon ball Super is ending at the end of this winter 2018 season, and the anime that will be taking over its time slot is none other than Gegege no Kitarou. The anime will celebrate 50 years of Shigeru Mizuki’s classic manga, as well as introduces a new cast. Now, with its April premiere drawing ever closer, Toei has now unveiled the anime’s new key visual:

Miyuki Sawashiro will be the new Kitarou, taking over the legendary Masako Nozawa for the role. However, the legendary seiyuu will also be joining the new anime’s cast, but not as Kitarou. This is because she’s voicing Medama Oyaji. What’s Gegege no Kitarou without Masako Nozawa, right?

Kouji Ogawa is directing the series over at Toei Animation, with Hiroshi Ohnogi doing the series composition. Meanwhile, Sorato Shimizu is serving as both the character designer and chief animation director. The anime will premiere on 1st April 2018 via Fuji TV, replacing Dragon Ball Super.