Yuzuru Hanyu is a mega-popular figure skater in Japan who has received idol-like popularity. He also recently became the first figure skater to win two consecutive Olympic gold medals in men’s figure skating. However, it seems that this Pyeongchang Olympic hero is also one huge Tokyo Ghoul fanboy.

He recently did an interview on Japanese TV. Ken Kaneki’s seiyuu himself, Natsuki Hanae, asked him what his dream is, and his reply shocked everyone. Being the huge Tokyo Ghoul fanboy that he is, he admitted that he wants the manga’s lead, Ken Kaneki, to eat him. He even went further as to invite Kaneki to eat him.



And because of this unusual reply, the Tokyo Ghoul staff went to twitter to pose a reply:

There, they said that they will do their best to create a program for the Olympic champion. They also invited him to watch Tokyo Ghoul:Re, which premieres on 3rd March.

Last week, Hanae hosted Hanyu in his radio program. It was safe to say that Hanyu’s fanboying was real.