After featuring Singapore very accurately in a previous episode, A Place Further Than the Universe has revealed that they’re now teaming up with No Game No Life. Director Atsuko Ishizuka directed both anime, and the latter even featured No Game No Life in its first episode. Now, Animate Akihabara is hosting that very collaboration starting 17th February.

Lawson employees Mari and Hinata are promoting the Home Video release of the No Game No Life ZERO film. The Blu-ray and DVD release is happening on 23rd February, and what better way to promote it than those two, right? Animate Akihabara is also giving away special collaboration postcards on the 17th. However, these are only available while supplies last, so expect fans to line-up to get their hands on one.

The collaboration will only run until 4th March, just in time for No Game No Life Zero’s Blu-ray release.

A place further than the Universe, or Sora Yori Mo Tooi Basho, follows four girls as they travel to Antarctica. Mari has no direction in her life and relies on her best friend way too much. However, this all changes when she meets Shirase, a beautiful-yet-eccentric girl obsessed with going to Antarctica.

Source: MoCa-News