With the help of the Japanese design company, So-Zo, the Prince Hotel in Tokyo is already featuring several anime-themed rooms. Now, they’re teaming up again, and this time, they’re bringing fans a Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu room.

The hotel is now offering the rooms, and fans can now reserve them online via the official website. However, fans should hurry up in booking these rooms because the hotel will only be featuring them for a limited time. Fans should set their reservations for the room on or before 30th June.

And they better be prepared to splurge because staying in the concept room stay costs 25,000 yen. But if they want it a little cheaper, they can get a regular room with collaboration goods for 14,500 yen.

Those who stay in the room are also getting a special treat. After their stay, they will be getting message cards, an acryl stand, cushion covers, a mirror and a coaster.