Every year, the city of Sapporo in Hokkaido hosts its annual Snow Festival. As usual, this year features plenty of amazing snow sculptures, some of which get inspiration from various media. And this year, people visiting the festival are talking about Final Fantasy’s snow sculpture, which also features a great projection mapping show:

Without the lights, the sculpture features an amazingly detailed snow version of a Dragoon battling a dragon. But once the evening hits, it treats fans to a wonderful lights show.

The sculpture promotes the Final Fantasy XIV online game, which is now available via PS4, as well as PC. Hey, they even have cosplayers during the day when they aren’t doing the projection mapping.


The sculptors created this masterpiece with the help of the Japanese Ground Self Defense Forces 11th Artillery Unit. I guess it’s also safe to say that the JSDF and the sculptors did a great job for this year’s Final Fantasy sculpture. Last time, they had a Final Fantasy VII theme featuring Cloud and Sephiroth. And yes, it had some projection mapping too!