Seiyuu Masami Asano has been working with Hayate the Combat Butler mangaka, Kenjiro Hata since the manga’s first TV anime. They also teamed up to work on the manga about the seiyuu industry, Sore Ga Seiyuu. But now, it seems that the two also have a romantic relationship aside from just being manga partners.

Both Hata-sensei and Masumin revealed in their respective twitter accounts that they have now married each other. Asano also confirmed the news in her radio program, “Asano Masumi x Yamada Shinya no Shuukan Money Land”. The two mangaka also promised that they will be supporting each other in their respective careers.

In the Hayate the Combat Butler anime, Masami Asano voiced one of the “Idiot Trio” members, Risa Asakaze. She then worked with Hata-sensei again for Sore Ga Seiyuu, where she based the story on her experiences in the industry while he provided the artwork. Asano also voiced herself in the manga’s anime adaptation as a cameo, along with other celebrity seiyuu cameos.