Seiyuu Shouta Aoi is one of the most popular singer-seiyuu in Japan right now. In fact, he usually gets male idol roles thanks to his voice. However, this time, he’s joining an iconic duo in the Little Twin Stars for a new collaboration. I guess it’s safe to say that Shouta Aoi turned the Little Twin Stars into triplets, huh?

This is all to promote Shouta Aoi’s talk event over at Sanrio Puroland this 24th April. It will feature a Little Twin Stars theme, as well as special collaboration merchandise.

So far, Sanrio still hasn’t revealed if the merchandise will be Puroland exclusives, but expect the seiyuu’s fans to come in droves. And this won’t be the first time a Sanrio mascot has teamed up with a seiyuu because Hiro Shimono previous collaborated with Cinnamoroll.

Source: Nijimen