French Ligue 1 team, Paris Saint-Germain may have their star player, Neymar Jr out for a while, but they’re on a roll. They recently faced-off against Olympique de Marseille without their star, but it seems they have back-up. This is because none other than Son Goku appeared with the crowd, and certainly helped the team.

Paris edged out Marseilles 3-0, so it really does seem bringing that giant Goku helped a lot. And it seems that the crowd was loving the Super Saiyan’s presence as well.

With Neymar out, Goku really does seem like a great replacement, huh? Paris Saint-Germain currently holds the best record in Ligue 1 Football. And if they keep their winning ways up, they might just win their seventh Ligue 1 title. And you know what else is tied with the number seven? Dragon Ball, because there are seven Dragon Balls to collect!

Source: PSG Officiel