The staff for the Sword Art Online anime recently held a fan meeting event last 17th February in Tokyo. During the stage presentation, SAO light novel editor, Kazuma Miki, went on stage to talk about the upcoming Sword Art Online: Alicization TV Anime. The anime serves as the series’ longest arc so far, eclipsing Aincrad, ALO, GGO, and Mother’s Rosario. However, Miki revealed that the anime will cover the Alicization arc in its entirety.

The arc itself lasts for a whopping 11 volumes, from Volume 9, all the way to volume 19. This makes the arc longer than all of SAO’s previous story arcs combined. However, Miki didn’t state how many episodes the new TV anime will have, given the arc’s length.

Will they split it into two 25-episode seasons? Will they have one huge 50-episode season which lasts a year? The announcement certainly raised a lot of questions for fans of the series. Whatever the case, fans are already excited and for good reason.