Tobu Zoo gained plenty of notoriety in the anime world after teaming up with Kemono Friends. It then became an anime pilgrimage site thanks to Grape-kun, until his passing last year. Now, the zoo is teaming up with yet another anime, this time with Bungo Stray Dogs.

In the anime, main character Atsushi Nakajima can transform himself into a white tiger. Guess which zoo has a population of white tigers? Why, Tobu Zoo of course! Yeah, they don’t just have Humboldt Penguins in there, but white tigers too.

For the collaboration, the zoo will feature life-size standees of the Armed Detective Company members. Meanwhile, seiyuu Yuuto Uemura, who coices Atsushi, will record several zoo announcements. They will also feature the zoo’s popular white tiger, Rocky, together with Atsushi in various locations.

Tobu Zoo will be running the collaboration until 8th April. The zoo will also distribute various exclusive collaboration merchandise, as well as collaboration cafe menu items.

This is all to help promote the upcoming Bungo Stray Dogs: Dead Apple film, which premieres in Japan on 3rd March.

Source: Animate Times