Hayao Miyazaki’s legend didn’t just touch animators in Japan, but also the rest of the world. Of course, this includes a few big names in Hollywood like Toy Story director, John Lasseter. Now, it seems that his works have also inspired another animated work, this time, a tourism commercial for the US state of Oregon.

Titled “Only Slightly Exaggerated,” the commercial promotes several Oregon tourism spots with some heavy Studio Ghibli influences. While it didn’t directly reference any Ghibli or Miyazaki film, the influence from where it came from really shows in the final work.

Wieden + Kennedy wrote and produced the animated ad, with Psyop & Sun Creatures Studio handling the animation. As for its score, the Oregon Symphony Orchestra provided it. And we’re pretty sure the guys from Ghibli are also proud of inspiring this ad.

Source: Indiewire