Yakuza Studio is releasing a new Fist of the North Star game for the PlayStation 4 titled Hokuto Ga Gotoku. Now, PlayStation Japan has released not one, but two new CMs ahead of its 4th March release. It features actor Takayuki Yamada who appeared all buffed-up for the role of Kenshiro.

OK, so those muscles go more on the CGI side, but they just add to the hilarity of these commercials. Both videos feature Yamada going to the gym and then going wild. Well, that is until hen runs into a female employee, rips off his shirt, and goes full Kenshiro. Remember folks, don’t try this at your local gym, yeah?

Hokuto Ga Gotoku will gets its release for the PS4 on 4th March in Japan. It will be based on Tetsuo Hara and Buronson’s classic battle manga, Fist of the North Star. As for Takahiro Yamada, fans might know him for his role as Elizabeth in the live-action Gintama film, as well as Ichirou Hiruma in the live-action Terraformars film.