While most Anisong soundtracks just settle for the normal CD release, or even go hipster and go with a rare vinyl record release, Code Geass has put a little twist in theirs. This is because the popular mecha TV anime is getting itself a piano solo CD. Titled ” Code Geass – Hangyaku no Lelouch Piano Solo Collection, the CD covers music from the anime itself.

The TV anime’s chief animation director, Yuriko Chiba, illustrated the CD jacket visual, which features Lelouch playing a piano. It will feature 13 different theme songs and insert songs from the TV anime itself, from the original, as well as R2. Of course, this includes piano solo versions of FLOW’s COLORS and WORLD END.They rearranged all songs for the piano, with pianist Yui Morishita performing on a Bösendorfer Imperial Grand piano. Jibun Wo.

They will release the CD on 28th March, and it will cost 2,593 yen. They will also hold a special Code Geass piano recital at Yamaha Hall in Ginza, Tokyo on 26th April. Finally, for those who want to play these anisongs on the piano, they will also release a piano solo musical score book. They will release it on 26th March for 2,700 yen.

Source: Comic Natalie