CoMix Wave Films has had a great reputation for superb animation quality. This is evident in their Makoto Shinkai films like Five Centimeters Per Second, and of course, your name. Now, they have a new anime film in the works, and its title is Shikioriori, which now also has a new trailer:

Comix Wave Films is actually teaming up with China’s Haoliners Animation to co-produce it. The film will feature three separate stories set in three different Chinese cities, with protagonists taking a look back at their pasts.

And with three different stories, it will also have three different visionary Chinese directors. Yi Xiaoxingb will direct the first story, Hidamari no Choushoku, which takes part in the director’s hometown of Hunan. Meanwhile, Takeuchi Yoshitaka will direct the second one titled Chiisana Fashion Sow, which follows two sisters in Guangzhou Province. Finally, Haoliners founder Li Haoling is directing the third tale, Shanghai Koi, which will be a youthful love story.

Makoto Shinkai may not be directing it, but it sure looks beautiful visually. The film will premiere in Japan sometime in summer 2018.