After revealing that enormous Lapras plushie that people can actually ride on, Premium Bandai is also doing Digimon plushies. This time, they are turning Taichi’s partner Digimon, Agumon, into a life-size plush doll. But don’t worry though, this plushie won’t have the same appetite and love for food as the actual Agumon.

This plushie measures in at 45cm when sitting down. It features Agumon with his mouth wide open, as if telling you that he’s hungry… again. Yeah, Agumon just can’t stop eating, huh?

Digimon designer Kenji Watanabe supervised this plush toy’s development himself. It costs 8,100 yen, and Premium Bandai is now taking pre-orders. However, the pre-order period will only last until 7th May, and they’ll be releasing it this August.