Any Fate fan would know that the original Saber, Artoria Pendragon, sure does eat a ton of food. In fact, that has become quite a recurring joke in the entire Fate series, with Saber eating more than her fair share. Yeah, the King of Knights sure does love to eat, doesn’t she? And this is why Cospa’s new Excalibur spoon and fork set is all the more fitting.

People can now eat like a king with these Excalibur utensils, and they cost 2,376 yen per set. A factory is Tsubame, Niigata made these utensils using high-level stainless manufacturing techniques. They carefully crafted each piece with high attention to detail to really look like Fate’s version of the legendary sword.

Cospa will be releasing these silverware sets sometime in Mid-May 2018. They will also open pre-orders for them in their various event booths during Game Market 2018 Osaka, Niconico Choukaigi, Character1, and Game Market 2018 Spring.

Source: Comic Natalie