The Water/Ice Pokemon Lapras has been known to give humans a ride and ferry them across seas and rivers. Now, Bandai has opened pre-orders for a gigantic Lapras plushie which you can also ride… just not on water. Oh, and it also doesn’t come with the HM for Surf, sad!

This gigantic plush toy measures in at two metres in length, two metres in width, and about 1.2 metres in height. Well, it certainly is huge and makes you wanna ride it, huh?

Premium Bandai Online Shop is now accepting pre-orders for this enormous plushie. However, expect that this one would have a huge shipping cost because of its huge size. It also comes with a hefty price tag worth 79,400 yen! But then again, that’s a small price to pay to get a large and cute Lapras such as this one. And don’t worry, it won’t Ice Beam your cat… I think.