Paper is certainly one everyday material most of us take for granted. For one thing, people can certainly make stunning pieces of art just by cutting them up and putting them together. In Japan, artists take it to another level with the intricate paper-cutting technique known as Kirie. Now, making these certainly takes skill, but one Japanese paper artist certainly makes it look easy.

Japanese artist Seiji Tsukimoto combines the traditional kirie technique with a wonderful pop-up book feel. From his works in the image above, the artist certainly likes taking some fantasy elements and adding them. He also seems to like working on children’s tales, as his works get inspiration from the likes of Alice in Wonderland and Snow White. And he takes all of this and puts them all inside a spherical frame that’s also made of paper. He calls these works as “Pop Up Sphere”. People can use these pieces of paper cut art as decorations, as well as a neat and unique greeting card.

But perhaps his most amazing work features a clockwork feel, with actual moving gears. By turning one of these gears, all the others will turn as well, just like… well… clockwork.

And yes, he does a bit of “non-spherical” artworks as well.

And it turns out that he’s selling a few works as well. People can but a set of 23 called “SPHERE Fushigi na kyutai pop-up cards online via his shop or Yes Asia.

Source: Grapee