The K franchise returns with a brand new 6-part film series titled K: Seven Stories. With the first film’s premiere fast approaching, the anime’s staff and cast have revealed new details on both the 2nd and 3rd films. The second film, SIDE:BLUE ~Tenrou no Gotoku, will premiere this 4th August, and here is its visual:

They also revealed the cast for the second film, and they are:

  • Tomokazu Sugita as Reisi Munakata
  • Kenjiro Tsuda as Gouki Zenjou
  • Shimba Tsuchiya as Takeru Kusuhara
  • Hiroshi Kamiya as Jin Habari
  • Tomoaki Maeno as Gen Shiotsu
  • Miyuki Sawashiro as Seri Awashima
  • Mamoru Miyano as Saruhiko Fushimi

Aside from the second film, they also revealed the key visual and cast for the third film. Titled SIDE:GREEN ~Uwagaki Sekai, it will premiere on 1st September 2018.


  • Kazuyuki Okitsu as Nagare Hisui
  • Rie Kugimiya as Skukuna Gojo
  • Masakazu Morita as Yukari Mishakuji
  • Houchu Ohtsuka as Tenkei Iwafune
  • Kaori Nazuka as Douhan Hirasaka
  • Hiro Shimono as Kotosaka

GoRA and GoHands have also confirmed that the first film will be making its premiere on 7th July. As for its director, Shingo Suzuki returning as director, as well as its character designer. The 6-part film series will also include the following films:

  • Episode 4 Lost Small World ~Ori no Mukō ni (6th October )
  • Episode 5 Memory of Red ~BURN (3rd November)
  • Episode 6 Circle Vision ~Nameless Song~ (1st December)

Yes folks, the film is based seven stories from the various K Project works. However, even if its title is Seven Stories, the fact remains that we’re only getting six films.

Source: Comic Natalie