UPDATE: Kalafina revealed that they’re not disbanding, but a member is leaving. An official statement from the Kalafina fan club Harmony has also been added.

When songwriter Yuki Kujiura left her previous agency, Space Craft Produce last month, people wondered about Kalafina’s fate. Now, Japanese tabloid newspaper, Hochi Shimbun, is reporting that following her departure, Kalafina is disbanding.


According to Hochi’s report, Kalafina’s three members, Keiko Kubota, Wakana Ootaki, and Hikaru Masai, are on the fence about breaking up when Kujiura left their agency. It also stated that the group doesn’t have anything scheduled in the future as well. It stated that their last live event last 11th March would serve as the trio’s final concert together.

Hochi Shimbun also reported that their bayfm radio program, “Kalafina Club”, will also be ending. They mentioned that it will air its final broadcast by the end of March.

No official statement has been made by Kalafina’s staff.

ADDENDUM: Kalafina official fanclub Harmony members have received a message concerning Kalafina’s future. It states that although Kalafina will not disband, one member will leave the group and the remaining members will continue as a duo. Currently, Kalafina are still scheduled to appear in events through to the end of March.

Screenshot via HARMONY

To Harmony Fanclub members,

Today, news concerning Kalafina has surfaced from one media outlet, so we would like to inform the fan club members of the following.

One member of Kalafina has expressed intent of leaving the group, and upon receipt of said request, we have decided to accept it. The two remaining members will continue activities with our agency.

While giving utmost respect and importance to Yuki Kajiura’s works through activities intended to express passion for said music, we would like to continue with our plans that all of the fans will enjoy and will be happy about.
We shall announce them soon.

We would like to ask for your continued support.

March 13, 2018
– SpaceCraft Produce

While they didn’t reveal which member is leaving, they did clear things up by saying they aren’t disbanding. The rumour has given fans plenty of distress, and now, the group has now revealed that the news isn’t true at all.

Yuki Kujiura’s departure to go independent may be a huge blow to the group, as she helped found it herself.  However, she noted that their status will be changing, so she said that it won’t be “the same as before”.

Statement translation via Suteki