Remember when Kim Kardashian went to Tokyo and went shopping for manga? Well, that certainly raised a ton of questions whether or not she likes anime, or is just curious. Now, it seems we have an answer from Mrs. West herself. In a Twitter video, she revealed that she dyed her hair pink. This raised even more questions, but she quickly addressed them by admitting that she’s “obsessed” with anime.

Of course, her admission sent the internet into a frenzy. She also talked about it on her official website, saying that her choice of pink is all about the color. That certainly answers the question on why she visited an Animate. However, it seems that Kim Kardashian still hasn’t revealed which anime she watches. However, we do know that her husband, Kanye West, is a huge anime fan himself.

Well, maybe she got into anime because of Kanye, huh? But let’s just hope her husband doesn’t interrupt the next Tokyo Anime Award Festival and say something stupid again, right Taylor Swift?