After being spotted shopping for manga in an Animate in Japan and then admitting she’s “obsessed” with anime, reality show star and socialite, Kim Kardashian-West has finally revealed the inspiration for her new pink hair. And it seems that she’s also very updated on the new anime as well. This is because she revealed that her hair inspiration is none other than Darling in the Franxx’s 002. Of course, this is a very new anime, and is currently ongoing as part of the winter 2018 anime season.

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My hair inspo

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002 is a human-klaxosaur hybrid, and actually has a pair of horns on top of her head. However, it seems that Mrs. Kanye West has no plans of sporting her hair with a pair of horns… yet.

Her husband, Kanye West, previously admitted to watching anime regularly. However, whether her husband introduced her to anime or not is still up for debate.