With her contract expiring on 31st March, seiyuu Sora Tokui has announced that she’s going to another agency afterwards. In a tweet, Nico Yazawa’s seiyuu revealed that after her contract expires with her current agency, Hibiki, she will be going with Avex Pictures.

She will begin her first day with her new agency on 1st April. Tokui also added that she will devote herself more in the future, and then thanked everyone for their support.

Her most iconic role will always be as Nico Yazawa in Love Live!. However, she also voiced Milky Holmes’ Nero Yuzurisaki and Blend S’s Hideri Kanzaki. And like most seiyuu, she’s also a singer, singing the theme songs for various anime like Love Live and Milky Holmes. And believe it or not, but she’s also a mangaka. She’s the creator of “Makeruna Aku no Gundan”, which even got an anime adaptation last year.