After appearing in several main roles in anime and video games, seiyuu Yoshie Sugiyama finally calls it a career. In her official blog, she announced that she has now left Threetree talent agency, and has now officially retired from voice acting.

In her blog, she revealed that she’s been planning to retire even before 2018, but it didn’t push through. According to her, this is because of “various circumstances”. She also mentioned that her birthday this 25th March, as well as the end of the fiscal year are also both approaching. These may tie in to the “various circumstances” she was talking about.

The seiyuu also admitted that she has “no more goals left to keep striving for”. This comes even if she has plenty of fans cheering for her. She then apologised to all of them and thanked them for their support as well. However, Sugiyama did admit that she’s worried about her own future, as she has been a seiyuu since her college days.

Her most famous role may be as Karen Fujisaki in My Wife is the Student Council President. She also had roles in the Paboo & Mojies anime, as well as various video games like Tenkuu no Craftfleet.