Ever wonder what it feels like to know you aced a test but failed it because you forgot to write your name in the answer sheet? Well, one aspiring mangaka may be feeling that right now. Weekly Shonen Jump magazine recently conducted yet another manga contest, and as usual, aspiring mangaka submitted their works. And now, the magazine has announced the Top 5 entrants, but there’s one problem. One of its entries forgot to include his/her name.

Titled Dragon-Eating Newspaper Reporter, the manga received plenty of praises from its judges, but also received a few criticisms. The contest’s judges praised its exciting action scenes and cool character designs, but felt the artist could have done a better job crafting the story and characters. Its story follows Shina, a regional reporter, covering a story about a winter festival, but while he’s on-site a dragon appears.

And of course, the fact that the mangaka forgot his/her name presented plenty of problems for the contest. It also prompted the magazine to ask the public for information about its mangaka.

“We are trying to contact the contestant who submitted this manga. Anyone with information is asked to contact our editing department by telephone at 03-3230-6233.”

The contest is still ongoing, but if the mangaka doesn’t show up, he’s gonna miss a huge prize. By making it to the top 5, he/she has already secured 50,000 yen, but he’s not gonna get that prize if he remains anonymous. Yes, the mistake may be embarrassing, but winning a Shonen Jump contest can get you on track to manga stardom.

source: Sora News 24