Saying that Japan really likes turning things into anthropomorphic boys and girls might be an understatement. We already have anthropomorphic ship girls in KanColle, as well as sword boys in Touken Ranbu. Now, it seems we’re also getting anthropomorphic sake boys in “Miki no Mikoto”. Hey, they even collaborated with Liden Films to create an animated PV, with Seiki Takuno (Love and Lies) also directing it:

As you would have guessed, Miki no Mikoto personifies popular sake brands into bishounen boys. They also give them popular seiyuu to voice them as well. Bandai Namco Entertainment’s upcoming interactive livestream app “&CAST!!!” will be featuring a new channel for these sake boys as they go about their daily lives.

In the story, these “Refined Sake Boys” go up against Ayakashi and work at the “Matsuyoian,” a drink bar of sorts. Its setting is a large shopping area called “Yayoimachi” where gods also visit. These sake boys will include:

Kanbai Koshino, based on Koshi no Kanbai (CV: Kaito Ishikawa)

Hikari Tamano, based on the 340-year-old sake Tamanohikari (CV: Ryohei Arai)

Sawanoi, based on Ozawa Brewery’s signature sake (CV: Masaya Matsukaze)

Kinkame, based on Kinkame sake (CV: Eiji Takemoto)

Reizan, based on the famous Reizan sake (CV: Youhei Azakami)

Zakura Dewa, based on Dewazakura sake (CV: Hiroaki Miura)

Kunimare, Based on Kuninmare brewery’s signature sake (CV: Motoki Takagi)

Dassai, based on Asahi Shuzo’s sigmature Yamaguchi sake (CV: Satoshi Inomata)

As expected, this will be a multimedia project by Bandai Namco and of course, they’re aiming for for women. However, while Liden Films did animate a new PV and they’re getting a channel, they didn’t reveal if it’s getting a TV anime.

Source: Ota-Suke