After a couple of months of waiting, the official website for the Sword Art Online franchise finally revealed a few new things for the upcoming Sword Art Online: Alicization TV anime. This includes a brand new key visual featuring Kirito and Eugeo, as well as Alice.

Meanwhile, Aniplex of America has started streaming a new teaser PV for this third SAO TV anime. And the best part is that this one comes with English subtitles.

Previously, the light novels’ editor, Kazuma Miki, revealed that the anime will cover the entire Alicization arc. The arc itself lasts for a whopping 11 volumes, from Volume 9, all the way to volume 19. This makes the arc longer than all of SAO’s previous story arcs combined. However, Miki didn’t state how many episodes the new TV anime will have, given the arc’s length.

Asterisk War’s Manabu Ono will be directing the new season, with A-1 Pictures returning to once again do the animation. Meanwhile, much of the staff will be returning, as well as the cast. It will premiere in October 2018, which means it will be part of the fall 2018 anime season.