Late March and early April in Japan usually means that the country is filled with sakura. And it’s a very important season in Japan, as it heralds the beginning of spring, gets much-important tourism revenue, and gets people together to view sakura. Now, the Tokyo Metro Subway’s Ginza line is celebrating the occasion with a special Sakura-themed train.

Two special train cars will be featuring the sakura motif. And not only that, but these trains will also have a classic feel to them, sporting a 1000-type train car theme from 1927. They will then transport people between Asakusa and Shibuya stations until 8th April 2018. These special train cars are also in collaboration with Asahi Breweries.

The Tokyo Metro Subway will also be distributing a special “Tokyo Hanami Guidebook” in all their Ginza Line stations. These will certainly help visitors who want to go sakura viewing while in Japan during that time.

Sakura season in Japan is certainly a big thing. Other companies also have their own gimmicks to attract people during this big season. Of course, this includes Chiyoda Ward’s Cardcaptor Sakura-themed Hanami event as well.

Source: Livedoor News