Even after over 20 years, the Evangelion franchise remains one of the most popular anime franchises ever. Because of this, they’re still teaming up with various companies for collaborations, from soap to clothes to food and beverage. And now, they’re latest collaboration is a fashionable one, with Japanese fashion brand, GU.

To those unfamiliar with GU, they’re a sister brand to UNIQLO, that gigantic Japanese fashion chain. It will feature clothes and apparel with motifs from the Rebuild of Evangelion series. In particular, its motifs will bear themes from Evangelion 1.0, Evangelion: 2.0 and Evangelion 3.0. They’re basing the design on the individual characters, as well as getting inspiration from their individual plug suits.

The first wave of the ‘Evangelion’ x GU collection will release on 12th March on the various GU stores, including the ones in Hong Kong. They will also release this first wave online via their official website on the same date. Those who buy these apparel in the physical stores will also get a free collaboration clear file. Meanwhile, those who order online will get the chance to win a special collaboration tote bag.

source: Gu Official