When we say Monster Hunter and Sailor Moon, we rarely hear about the two of them going together. However, Universal Studios Japan is currently showcasing attractions for both of these franchises as part of their annual Cool Japan event. For Sailor Moon, they have a Sailor Moon The Miracle 4-D Ride, while Monster Hunter gets an Augmented Reality experience. Now, USJ is putting these two together for a magically monstrous collaboration.

Park visitors who visit USJ’s Monster Hunter the Real attraction can now hunt monsters using Sailor Moon’s Moon Stick. However, like most collaborations, the theme park will only be doing this for a limited time. Those who want to hunt monsters in augmented reality using the Moon Stick better do so on or before 15th April.

As for the Monster Hunter the Real attraction, it immerses visitors in the world of Monster Hunter. Using the latest augmented reality technology, they can hunt down some of the game’s fiercest monsters.

The theme park kicked off their Cool Japan attractions back in January, and also includes Final Fantasy and Detective Conan.

Source: Universal Studios Japan