Come to Sakura Matsuri: Anime Garden on the 17 and 18th of March 2018 at Gardens by the Bay! It’s a fresh and exciting event for fans and enthusiasts of Japanese traditional arts and modern pop culture! Look forward to a wonderful weekend featuring sakura blossoms, Japanese food and games, and even a free concert! The anisong concert will be headlined by May’n, Luna Haruna, Mashiro Ayano, Mika Kobayashi, and last but not least — GARNiDELiA!

WOW Japan is honored to have the two extremenly talented artistes who make up one of the hottest Japanese artistes today — MARiA and toku, take time out of their packed schedules to answer a few questions from us.

Welcome back to Singapore! Are you looking forward to this time around?

MARiA: I has been quite a while!!!! I hope that it’s going to be even hotter than before!
toku: It has been a while since we were in SIngapore, so we’re looking forward to it very much.

Congratulations on the release of your new album “G.R.N.D.” What was the most fun part about making the album? On the other hand, what was the most challenging part?

MARiA: We made songs of various genres including JAZZ, ROCK, EDM, ballads, and so on so I enjoyed the recording very much!
toku: Using the experience of having had so many concerts in so many different countries, I think we’ve created a lot of songs geared more towards live performances.

Your upcoming concert in Singapore is an outdoor event. Do you do anything special when preparing for an outdoor concert compared to an indoor live?

MARiA: I am looking forward to a wonderful feeling of having a liberating concert while looking at the sky.
toku: I am praying that it does not rain.

GARNiDELiA – in particular, MARiA, has become synonymous with viral dance videos. What was the most fun part about making these videos? On the other hand, what was the most challenging part?

MARiA: It’s a lot of fun doing it with friends like 217 (Ed: pronounced “Nina”) and Miume, starting from rehearsals. Because each of us is a unique character, it is also very interesting to design our individual costumes. It has become a series that is looked forward to by many people, so I always feel a lot of pressure when uploading new works.

Please give a message to your fans in Singapore.

MARiA: I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone in Singapore for the first time in a long while! Let ‘s sing and dance together, and make it the best live!
toku: I am looking forward to performing in an outdoor concert under the beautiful night scenery of Singapore, and sharing the space with everyone through music.

Come check out the GARNiDELiA’s smorking hot performance at Sakura Matsuri: Anime Garden! Programmes within the Supertree Grove are free. Admission fees to Flower Dome apply. For more information, you can also check out the official website of Gardens By the Bay Singapore.

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Sakura Matsuri: Anime Garden

Gardens by the Bay Singapore
17-18 March 2018