Check out this all-new event for fans and enthusiasts of Japanese traditional and pop culture! Come to Sakura Matsuri: Anime Garden on the 17 and 18th of March 2018 at Gardens by the Bay! Look forward to a wonderful weekend featuring sakura blossoms, Japanese food and games, and — gasp! — a free anisong concert! The concert will be headlined by May’n, Luna Haruna, Mashiro Ayano, GARNiDELiA, and last but not least — Mika Kobayashi!

WOW Japan is honored to have one of the most talented artistes in Japan — known not just for her vocals but also for her piano-playing, to take time out from her busy schedule to answer a few questions from us.

Welcome back to Singapore! What are you looking forward to this time around?

I am looking forward to seeing all of the fans who have been to my show before. And also, chicken rice!!

Your upcoming performance in Singapore is an outdoor concert. Do you do anything special to prepare for an outdoor live compared to an indoor concert?

In a previous open-air concert in Vietnam, a bug flew into my mouth and I couldn’t sing, so I think I have to change the way I open my mouth and breathe.

Please tell us a little bit about latest album “Mika Type Ro”. What was the most fun part about making the album? On the other hand, what was the most challenging part?

The addition of the sound of an old clock, overlapping with the sound of small toy instruments, and turning it into a single story — I am aware that as a solo act I can’t really do that during concerts. But during recording sessions, I can do whatever I can think of, so I find that a lot of fun!

I decided not to adjust the pitch during album production, and I record both vocals and piano in in one fell swoop just like a concert, and I think it is not easy to do it every time. However, I still will not consider changing my recording style for the next album!

You have a very busy schedule these days. What do you do to relax?

I like having drinks while watching tearjerking movies, so I can have a good cry! Since I also like coffee, and I grind my own beans, hand drip it, and drink. I find both the aroma and the flavour to be delicious.

Please give a message to your fans in Singapore.

I am also very happy to be back in Singapore to sing again. When I first came here — while I was looking forward to it — I couldn’t predict everyone’s reactions, so I was also quite nervous. And since this is the second time, I think that my feelings are closer to “I’m back!”. So please come and enjoy the live with me!

Come check out the Mika’s awesome voice and unforgettable melodies at Sakura Matsuri: Anime Garden! Programmes within the Supertree Grove are free. Admission fees to Flower Dome apply. For more information, you can also check out the official website of Gardens By the Bay Singapore.

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Sakura Matsuri: Anime Garden

Gardens by the Bay Singapore
17-18 March 2018