Legendary mangaka, Kiyohiko Azuma, introduced us to a lovable little girl, as well as Danboard in Yotsuba&!. However, it seems like the manga hasn’t updated its volumes in a while now, 29 months to be exact. But now, it seems that it will be releasing Volume 14, the manga’s first compiled volume in over two years, on 28th April.

Kadokawa released Volume 13 back in November 2015, which means fans didn’t get a new volume for about two years and five months. Mangaka Kiyohiko Azuma previously went on an 8-month hiatus between 2014 and 2015. Of course, this delayed that Tankoubon compilation releases quite considerably.

Yotsuba&! follows the everyday life of sweet and innocent 5-year old girl, Yotsuba, and her father. Azuma launched the manga in 2003, and has since become a Japanese pop culture phenomenon. Of course, this is thanks largely to the lovable cardboard robot, Danboard.

Source: Comic Natalie