As one ages, his or her voice undergoes a few changes. Of course, this rings true for seiyuu as well. This is why when they announced that 71-year old veteran seiyuu Akira Kamiya will be reprising his role as the suave Ryo Saeba for the upcoming City Hunter anime film, many raised their eyebrows. However, Kamiya put those doubts to rest, as he voices the character again for a new video:

Meanwhile,  58-year-old Kazue Ikura will also be returning as main heroine Kaori Makimura. In a tweet, Kamiya said that aside from Ikura, he also wants to work with the anime’s original cast members.

The new film’s tentative title is Gekijyoban: City Hunter, or City Hunter: The Movie. Sunrise will be animating this new project, which premieres early 2018. The studio worked on the TV anime from 1987 to 1999, and it spanned four TV series with 140 episodes, three TV specials, and three films.