Alternative Japanese rock band amazarashi and singer-songwriter Aimer recently held the tour finale of their highly anticipated “amazarashi x Aimer Asia Tour 2018” at Singapore’s [email protected] The 31st March concert was sold out as fans from all over the region flocked to the only SEA show on the tour! The concert also marks amazarashi’s first show, as well as Aimer’s fourth performance, in Singapore.

The show opened with amazarashi’s signature spoken word performance — with the English translations to his meaningful yet often enigmatic poems projected onto a giant screen. The screen served both to obscure the enormously private amazarashi vocalist Hiromu Akita’s face, as well as highlight the imagery that usually accompanies the band’s tracks.

“Our first concert in Singapore became a memory that we will not forget. Thank you for your warm support. See you again.” –amazarashi

As the show was also a first for many amazarashi fans who attended, they were treated to a truly diverse and awe-inspiring performance that seamlessly blends music and visuals. amazarashi vocalist Hiromu Akita’s raw talent sees him veer from soft and fragile to angry and hurt in the space of single song. Despite the absence of amazarashi keyboardist Manami Toyokawa, Haruki Ayukyo capably filled in and kept the distinct “amazarashi-ish” style.

“This was a night to remember! amazarashi’s segment had stunning visuals alongside songs with deeper meanings. The English subtitles was a great touch as it helped deliver the band’s intentions to an audience non-Japanese speakers.” — Ivan Chan

After a quick intermission, it was Aimer’s turn to shine. Her bubbly enthusiasm, and cheerful demeanor took the packed hall by storm. Returning to Singapore for the 4th time, she started where she left off. Seizing the audience in a vice-like grip, as she began her half of the night.

As she belted out hit after hit, the crowd cheered along. We were pleasantly surprised that she had decided to go with so many heavy hitting rock songs, as we had always associated her with a more calm and serene style of music. As the tension and energy in the hall grew, Aimer harnessed it and took concert goers for a wild ride.

“This was my fourth time visiting Singapore, which is a country that I have visited the most both professionally and personally. I am so happy to be able to sing again in the country that I love. Thank you for welcoming me so warmly. I definitely want to come back and see you all again.” — Aimer

Whether it’s performing at Budoukan, or at Zepp @ Big Box Singapore Aimer’s love for singing can be clearly seen. Feeding off the crowd’s energy, Aimer eagerly engaged with them as she bounced from one end of the stage to another, singing as though she hadn’t lost a single breath.

As all good things had to come to an end, Aimer brought the night to a close with a nice rendition of “Stars in the rain”, sending everyone home satisfied with a good night of great music. Where amazarashi used on screen visuals, to deliver carefully thought out messages, Aimer used her powerful vocals and energy to bring her emotions to the fore. The contrast in music style was obvious, but both sides managed to pulled off a marvelous night for everyone in attendance.

“The music on the night was great! But I had hoped for a bigger concert hall so that I could have brought more friends to enjoy the concert together.” — Yuki Chan

With additional reporting by Rochelle. Special thanks to Amuse Inc. Asia for having us at the show.