Looks like we’re getting more Fate anime this July because Fate/Extra Last Encore is getting an anime special. Its title is Illustrias Geocentrism, and several Japanese networks like Tokyo MX and BS11 will air it in July. They also revealed a new PV which also teases the Last Encore TV anime’s 11th episode.


Expect the staff to reveal more details about the Illustrias Geocentrism TV anime special in the future. This includes the story, staff, and cast, as well as the exact release date.

As for the TV anime, Akiyuki Simbo (Monogatari) serving as chief director over at Shaft. Much like Fate/Apocrypha, Netflix is exclusively streaming Fate/Extra Last Encore in Japan. It adapts Type-Moon and Marvelous’s hit PSP game of the same title. Meanwhile, Madoka Magica director, Yukihiro Miyamoto is directing the project. And this will be getting some huge Fate credits, as Fate/Stay Night creator, Kinoko Nasu himself is writing the scripts.

source: Fate/Extra Last Encore official