FIGUREX has been releasing life-size statues of anime characters for a while now. And it looks like they have now revealed their latest statue, and it’s a dragon! Yes folks, they have announced a life-size statue of Kanna Kamui from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. However, they only revealed what it will look like from the back side.

They will only be making 10 of these statues, and with Kanna’s popularity, expect that a lot of people will try to buy one. But since this is a life-size statue, better expect Figurex to place a large price tag on one. Let’s just say that one million yen for one of these statues would be a bit cheap.

Figurex is opening pre-orders starting 13th April, and it will close on 5th June. And since the demand would be big, with only 10 statues available, expect Figurex to do a lottery. This will determine which potential buyers get the right to buy one of these 10 statues.

Source: Figurex official