Mangaka Hiro Mashima’s twitter page has been very busy as of late. Specifically, he made several big announcements regarding his new work. According to one tweet, he has now started working on a new manga series. He also revealed that Shonen Magazine will be releasing this new manga on 27th June. The mangaka confirmed that this will be a completely new work, unrelated to Fairy Tail, as well as Rave Master.

In a separate tweet, he stated that he’s also working on a Fairy Tail sequel. He also confirmed that he’s also working on a separate Fairy Tail spin-off manga.

Finally, he also tweeted about the upcoming final TV anime season of Fairy Tail. In that tweet, the mangaka confirmed that it will premiere sometime in Autumn 2018.

Well, now that’s what you call a tweet storm! This comes from the mangaka himself, so expect that he’s telling the truth… unless they get delayed of course.