Hiroshi Kamiya hosts a radio program titled Dear Girl~Stories~ (DGS) alongside Daisuke Ono. He and his co-host, together with the Masochistic Ono Band (MOB) recently held the “DGS vs MOB Live Survive” event at the Saitama Super Arena last weekend, and it drew plenty of controversy over what happened during a call and response session.

According to several reports, including from people who actually attended the Saturday event, Hiroshi Kamiya got pretty angry. During the call and response session, he reportedly asked for people who put spoilers on Twitter to respond. His reason for this was to silence the crowd, but one female fan apparently responded. This implies that she posts spoilers on Twitter. The seiyuu kept up the call to silence the crowd, but she kept answering. Apparently, she annoyed Hiroshi Kamiya so much that he went on an outburst during the event.

Some reports also indicated that the seiyuu was asking the crowd nicely at first. But when that female fan kept on answering, some audience members found it funny and laughed. This apparently was the trigger to cause Kamiyan to snap at the audience and do that outburst. Other reports also said that he threw his microphone on the floor and walked out of the Saturday session.

Scriptwriter Masaru Suwa, who’s also a member of MOB, tried to diffuse the situation on twitter. He warned his followers not to post spoilers about the event on twitter and said that “that person” would be upset. Of course, he’s implying that it’s Hiroshi Kamiya.

Suwa originally intended his tweet to be a light-hearted way to diffuse the situation. However, fans overwhelmed the tweet with replies, many of which criticised the female audience member. A few who attended the event also replied. Some apologised for the bad atmosphere that happened during the event.

source: Nijimen