In 2016, a gigantic earthquake rocked Southern Japan, and some of its residents are still recovering. However, it seems that Kitkat is helping them recover, with a little help from Kumamon!

Nestle Japan is releasing a special Ikinari Dango-flavoured Kitkat, and it will also feature Kumamon in the wrapper. This is all part of the company’s “Kitto Zutto Project” (“Sure to Continue Project”), which aims to help disaster-affected regions recover. And what better flavour to represent the region than Kumamoto’s specialty Ikinari Dango, right?!

And because they’re helping out, Nestle Japan will also be donating 10 yen from the sale of these Kitkats’ 11-piece packs. Finally, to complete the Kumamoto charm, the wrappers will feature different expressions of Kumamon.

They will be releasing these Kitkats all over Japan starting 2nd April. It will cost 540 yen per 11-piece pack. And remember, not only are you enjoying a unique Kitkat, but also helping Kumamoto!

source: Sora News 24