Many fans regard veteran seiyuu Kikuko Inoue as a legend, as she voiced countless iconic anime characters. These include the likes of Oh My Goddess’s Belldandy, as well as Ranma 1/2’s Kasumi Tendou. She also doesn’t age that much, and that may be why people call her the “Eternal 17-year old”. And now, she’s giving her fans a special treat. This is because the legendary seiyuu is now inviting fans on a trip to the town of Omachi and Lake Kizakiko in Nagano Prefecture.

To pull this off, she’s teaming up with travel service, Japan Walker Travel, as well as long-distance bus operator Willer. This is all to take fans on a very special onsen trip with her.

The itinerary includes a barbecue and soba noodle-making lessons, and Inoue will be with them all the way. She will also be hosting a dinner party, which includes some games and karaoke. As for the karaoke part, she will in fact be singing, and she’s willing to take requests from her new travel buddies. And of course, she will be taking part in a photo session as well. Meanwhile, participants will receive their copy as part of a 24-page photo booklet with other snapshots of Inoue from the trip.

The tour will begin next month, on 26th May. As the bus leaves for Nagano, it will play a special message from the seiyuu herself. She will then join the group as they arrive in their destination. Participants must pay 46,800 yen in order to join in, but if they have a companion they’re sharing a room with, they would only have to pay 44,800 yen each. Fans can send their applications to join here:

source: Sora News 24