Previously, when the old life-size RX-78-2 Gundam stood tall in front of Diver City Tokyo in Odaiba, they regularly held projection mapping events. Now, for the very first time since replacing the old Gundam, the Unicorn Gundam is doing the same.

The projection mapping show is all part of Tokyo Gundam Project 2018, and it’ll happen on 21st April. It will show a chronicle of the important events of the Universal Century, as well as humanity’s advancement into space. The life-size Unicorn Gundam will be showing the projection mapping thrice a day, but only until 6th May. Each one will be lasting approximately six minutes.

Last year, the new Unicorn Gundam replaced the old RX-78-2 standing guard in front of the mall. Like the Unicorn in the anime, it can also transform from its Unicorn Mode to its Destroy mode as well. And in the Diver City Mall itself, Japan’s largest Gundam store, Gundam base Tokyo, has replaced the Gundam Front Tokyo museum.