Unlike most anime or manga-based live-action film adaptations, movie-goers actually loved Gintama. The first film was such a huge success that they decided they want a sequel. And now, as its 17 August 2018 premiere draws closer, the film’s twitter page revealed that they have now completed filming. They also teased a shot of Gintoki Sakata, who Shun Oguri will be playing:

However, aside from its premiere date, director, and lead role, we really don’t know much about the film. In Gintama’s typical trolling fashion, the cast and staff have kept silent about the details, even its official title. Yeah, they’re certainly planning something big with this much secrecy happening. However, since this is Gintama, they might just be trolling… as usual.

Aside from Shun Oguri, the staff also confirmed that actor Jirou Satou will also be taking part in the film. However, they didn’t reveal what his role in the film is yet. As of writing, the staff also haven’t confirmed the other cast members as well. But Yuichi Fukida, who wrote and directed the film, will also return at the helm of the sequel. In the first film, Masaki Suda played Shinpachi Shimura, while Kana Hashimoto played Kagura. It premiered last July and has become one of the most successful live-action adaptations of manga in Japan.

And speaking of Director Fukuda, it looks like he has started filming on the live-action Saint Young Men film…