The live-action Gintama film’s sequel has been very secretive about its production, but now, they’ve finally revealed a new visual. This new visual not only features the previously-confirmed Shun Oguri as Gintoki, but also his fellow Yoruzuya members. That’s right folks, Masaki Suda and Kanna Hashimoto are reprising their roles as Shinpachi Shimura and Kagura respectively.

Well, that certainly is movie #2 for the hilarious trio, and they’re making fans even more excited for the film’s 17th August premiere in Japan. The staff also revealed the sequel film’s tentative title, Gintama 2 (Kari).

But even with the new visual, the staff is still very secretive about the film’s other details. However, we do know that Yuuichi Fukuda is directing the film, which has already wrapped-up filming. Aside from the Yorozuya trio, the staff also confirmed that actor Jirou Satou will also be taking part in the film. However, they didn’t reveal what his role in the film is yet. As of writing, the staff also haven’t confirmed the other cast members as well.

Yeah, they’re certainly planning something big with this much secrecy happening. However, since this is Gintama, they might just be trolling… as usual.