Before we begin, we have to warn those who haven’t watched Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name. yet because there will be spoilers. And without further ado…

It seems that someone from NASA has noticed one thing about a particular plot twist in a certain Makoto Shinkai film. In your name., one of the biggest twists involves a comet plummeting to the Earth and destroying Mitsuha’s home town. This then sets a few events in motion, with Taki trying to find ways in order to save Mitsuha. And now, NASA has given the acclaimed director one very big honor, and that is by naming an asteroid after him.

This small asteroid’s new official name is the 55222 Makotoshinkai(2001 RP63). Its absolute grade is 14.5 mag, and it also measures in at 7.250 km. Roy A. Tucker first discovered it back in 12th September 2001, who then announced his asteroid’s new name.

Now that’s truly one huge honor! Well, at least Shinkai has something that Hayao Miyazaki doesn’t, right? Though we doubt that’s gonna stop any comparisons between the two at the very least.

source: Yuru Kayuru