Tabletop games and board games are very popular in Japan right now. And it looks like there’s a new show in Japan that will focus on board games, with two seiyuu hosting it. This new show will feature Nobuhiko Okamoto and Shun Horie talking about board games, and its title is Board Game de Asobo (“Let’s Play Board Games”).

Okamoto doesn’t just voice Bakugou in My Hero Academia, but he’s also a big board game fan. Meanwhile, Shun Horie, the ever-loud voice of Black Clover’s Asta, will be co-hosting the show. Finally, fellow seiyuu, Ayumu Murase, will voice the show’s mascot, Usakoma.

The show’s format will involve the two hosts as they invite guests to play various board games. Their first guests will be fellow seiyuu,  Koutarou Nishiyama and Shou Nogami. From the looks of things, they’re not just playing Japanese games, but also a lot of Western ones. The show will premiere in July 2018 via Tokyo MX.

Source: MoCa News