P.A. Works’ Sakura Quest anime follows a town’s struggling tourism department as they try to attract visitors. One of the anime’s biggest storylines involve the cleaning of the town’s local pond. And now, it looks like life is imitating art, as the anime’s real-life setting of Nanto is trying to revitalise its own pond. Sakura Quest’s town of Manoyama takes inspiration from Nanto, so the town is asking anime fans for some help.

The anime itself featured Sakuragaike Pond in plenty of scenes, including the big finale. And in order to revitalise and preserve the pond, the town is banking on its anime cred. In fact, Nanto is organising a special event just for that, and it will happen on 20th May, with sakura trees still blooming. In fact, the town wants to recreate the scenery Sakura Quest featured in its 25th episode.

And aside from the scenery, the town is also bringing in the anime’s cast. Ayaka Nanase, Reina Ueda, Chika Anzai, Chiemi Tanaka, and Mikako Komatsu, as well as director Souichi Masui and producer Kenji Horikawa will all be appearing at the event. However, they will only appear in a special presentation where only 120 individuals can attend.

They will also be doing a tree-planting event as part of the revitalisation project. The admission for the event over-all is free, but visitors can also donate 2,000 yen to help out. And if they do, they will also get postcards and posters as thanks.

source: Comic Natalie