In Japan, celebritiess could make or break a product. One such celebrity is singer and seiyuu, Yui Makino, who recently showed her love of Pokka Sapporo’s Furano Lavender Tea. Now, the tea uses lavender from Kamifurano, Hokkaido, and the town has decided to make her PR ambassador.

The town is known for lavender, as fields of it help the town’s income, as well as make it beautiful. And we bet it smells really nice out there too!

Their mascot is a pig named Laveton, and like the town, she also comes in a lavender theme as well. And with a successful singer and seiyuu helping out its PR, who knows how many more tourists will flock to the town.

Fans might know Yui Makino for her many roles in anime, especially as Fumina Hoshino in Gundam Build Fighters Try. She also voiced Ririna Sanada in Love and Lies, as well as Mayu Sakuma in The [email protected]: Cinderella Girls. And did we mention that she’s pretty fond of lavender tea as well?

Source: ota-suke