Kensho Ono has worked as the lead in plenty of anime, from Kuroko’s Basketball to Seraph of the End. He also starred as Kuroko in the live-action Kuroko’s Basketball stage play. But now, he will finally be making is live-action film debut in the film adaptation of TOBI’s Omaera Zenin Mendokusai! (You’re All Such a Bother!) manga.

He will play protagonist Kunihiko Kunitachi in the film, and he will also be starring alongside two fellow seiyuu. Arisa Komiya, who voiced Dia in Love Live Sunshine will be playing Kazumi Kazumiya in the film. Meanwhile, Himika Akaneya, who voiced Izetta in Izetta: The Last Witch, will be playing Eiko Enomoto. The other cast members include Yuuno Oohara, who will play Riho Kurihara, and gravure model Sayaka Tomaru, who will play Shiori Enomoto.

According to Mainichi Shimbun’s Mantan, the film will premiere sometime in autumn 2018. They also revealed that Tadaaki Hourai will be directing it. The manga’s story follows Kunihiko Kunitachi, a Japanese language high school teacher, and his “troublesome students”. These students would often bother him and disrupt his work at the school, as well as his personal life.

source: Mantan,