After creator Keiko Kadono won the prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Award, Kiki’s Delivery Service is also getting its own perfumes. This is because Donguri Kyowakoku has just launched a brand new perfume line, which of course takes inspiration from the anime.

The Ghibli merchandise chain actually teamed up with fragrance Fernanda to create the Kiki’s Delivery Service Body Mist line. In fact, two of its fragrances, Maria Regale and Lovely Melody, are part of the company’s preexisting products. Maria Regale (left) contains the scents of jasmine and pear, while Lovely Melody has rose and freesia notes.

Meanwhile, the other two fragrances are originals which Fernanda created just for the collaboration. My Story (left) shows hints of orange and rose, while Magic Moment (right) smells like  peach, jasmine, and honey.

Donguri Kyowakoku also revealed that these mists contains a moisturizing agent. This means that they’re safe to use on your face, hair, and clothing fabric. Their official website is now accepting orders, with individual 100mL bottles costing 1,500 yen each. But if you want to get the entire set, they would cost 6,000 yen.

Source: Sora News 24